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Guy Amato Sr.
Walden NY Police Dept. 1976

Click HERE to go to the Walden PD website

Entrance to the Walden, NY Police Dept. 1976

Typical Police Car
Walden Police Dept. 1976


Police Cars in front of Walden NY Police Dept. 1976

Finger Printing and Photographing Area
Walden Police Dept. 1976


Holding Cells
Walden Police Dept. 1976


Work Area with Riot Helmets
Walden Police Dept. 1976


Chief of Police Edward Sutherland


Sgt. John Santacrose


Cpl. Norman Owen


Police Officer Guy Amato


Police Officer Charles Martin


Police Officer Edward Eisley
Later became Police Chief

Police Officer Edward Shafer


Police Officer Frank Petine


Police Officer George Albin


Police Officer Jim Martin


Police Officer John Munis


Police Officer Mark Wilkinson


Police Officer Michael Yates


Police Officer Sandra Brewer


Police Officer Skip Sheely


Parking Control Officer Verda Martin


Dispatcher Donna Quick


Dispatcher Elva Cox


Dispatcher Evelyn Haslach


Dispatcher Marie Boat


Dispatcher Deloris Sheely


Dispatcher George Cable


Police Auxiliary Captain Sandra Brewer
Later became a police officer

Police Auxiliary Patrolman Robert Brewer


Police Auxiliary Patrolman Allen Reinhart


Police Auxiliary Patrolman August Debates


Police Auxiliary Patrolman (Name Not Known)